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For the greater part of its existence Vaalrivier School functioned as a top CYCC for boys. Due to recent demands for LSEN Education in Mpumalanga, it was mandated that Vaalrivier be transformed to cater for learners with special educational needs (LSEN School).


Presently we are well equipped and trained to deal with learners falling under the educational category MID. Our staff have extensive experience in special education and are working tirelessly to provide learners an excellent education. Due to the nature of LSEN, our school has adopted a dual focus on both special/remedial education and the development of skills which can allow the learner an opportunity to make his way in world with an increasing need for artisans and technically skilled citizens.


Our principal, Mr William M. Viviers, started his extensive career in education in the year of 1979. In 1987 he was appointed Senior Deputy Principal at Vaalrivier, and has lead the school as Principal since 1999.

Mr Viviers is a living example of the values portrayed by our school. His honest and dedicated work ethic, attention to detail and above all compassion for his fellow human beings provide a pillar of strength to staff and learners.

Our History

It is said that "a picture paints a thousand words".

Our school was literally built by the hands

of previous learners and teachers.

At Vaalrivier we take pride in our heritage and strive to pass on our virtues to new generations.

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