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Welcome to Vaalrivier School,

Learners who are no longer coping in the mainstream of education, or learners with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities are referred to special schools where they will follow an adapted curriculum and receive vocational education.


The general criteria for admission to special education comprise the following:

  • Learning disabilities that occur in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, handwriting skills.

  • An inability to show scholastic progress according to the peer group.

  • Cannot benefit sufficiently from teaching provided in the ordinary course of education.

  • Require specialized assistance to facilitate their adaptation in the community academically an vocationally.

  • The learner must have repeated a grade at least once and is (in the majority of the cases) in danger of repeating for a 2nd time. Be 13 years of age (not older than 15)

  • The cognitive functioning of the learner is below average.

  • Assessment conducted by a registered Psychologist or designated Official from the Dept. of Education.

  • Afrikaans or English is the medium of teaching and learning.

  • No serious behavioural problems evident.

​Christo Van Zyl

School Psychologist

Head of Department School Learning Support

If you meet our selection criteria,

You are welcome to fill out an application form and submit it to our office.


Upon reception of a completed form (no outstanding fields) we will contact you and make arrangements for your son to complete a placement test.





A learner can only be placed in this school adhering to the following criteria.


1) The learner must turn 13 in the year of placement and not older than 15.


2) The learner must have failed once (repeated a year).


3) His English must be on a basic level,  understanding instructions

(this is for safety reasons of exposure to a workshop environment.)


4) The SIAS document must be filled in by your Learning Support Team.


5) Parents consent on the required form is imperative.


6) The learner will be tested at vaalrivierskool with a basic language and maths test.




Only if the above requirement is met,  Vaalrivier can accommodate learners.




To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

017 7140 014

You can also request more information with this form:

Success! Message received.

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