Vaalrivier Annual Fund

Vaalrivier is a nonprofit school. Our learner population is drawn from many rural schools in the Gert Sibande area. All learners are not able to make ends meet. This fund allows Vaalrivier the opportunity to invest in sustainable developments that improve quality of service and promote a healthy learner experience.

Endowment Giving

An endowment fund secures a perpetual source of funding. This means that the fund is hedged in a portfolio of assets which pay out a portion of of the value of the fun in support of its predetermined function. Earnings in excess of the distribution are invested to bolster the fund for the future via market growth.


The process creates a self-sustaining fund with growth potential. Whatever you invest will purchase additional assets with their own potential for interest.


Planned Giving

Vaalrivier welcomes any monetary or physical donations geared toward the improvement of education or the health of our learners and staff.

Below are some areas where your aid can help change lives:


  • Any food - The school has a feeding scheme for disadvantaged learners.

  • Stationary - Many of our learners can't afford to buy their own consumables.

  • Clothing - School shoes and uniforms welcome.

  • Any Rugby, Cricket Soccer or Athletics gear.

  • Any old computers, tablets or other refurbishable devices we can use for e-learning.

  • Any old tools to supplement our skill centres.

  • Reparation or supplement to school vehicles and machinery.

For more information, please contact our Deputy Principal

017 714 0014 Phone

017 7140015 Fax